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Ищем блоггеров моды / Fashion bloggers needed

Друзья мои, мы ищем талантливых блоггеров, пишущих о моде, чтобы пригласить их поучаствовать в конференции на тему “DIGITAL IS IN FASHION AT THE SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK” в Милане 20 сентября. В программе: коктейль, круглый стол, ланч, мейк-ап сессия и фотосессия с аксессуарами ведущих итальянских брендов Zanotti  и Vionnet.

Буду чрезвычайно благодарна всем за перепост.
С вопросами и для подтверждения участия обращайтесь, пожалуйста, ко мне в личку или по имейлу, указанному в моих контактах. Спасибо и до скорого в Милане!

Вот и само приглашение:

Dear fashion blogger,
As a fan of your blog I would very much like to invite you to participate as a guest speaker in a round table event that we are holding in Milan to celebrate fashion and digital communication as part of the world-wide Social Media Week celebrations.


Tuesday 20 September at 12.30

Fashion Bloggers & Social Networks: experiences, points of view and predictions

Showroom 77Agency – via Solari 11 – Milan
We are inviting selected fashion bloggers from across Europe to participate in the event, and can already confirm the attendance of the digital marketing managers of iconic fashion brands Giuseppe Zanotti and Vionnet.
The theme of the round table debate will be the real life experience of a fashion blogger: how the relationship between bloggers, the fashion houses and the public has changed over recent years.  We will focus on the interaction between bloggers and social networks, and are interested in hearing how you, as a fashion blogger, have experienced these changes and what your predictions are for the future.
Should you decide to participate in the event, over the next few months will send you sample products for preview from the fashion brands that we manage (eg. Giuseppe Zanotti Design, Vionnet..). Our long term objective is to build an ongoing relationship with opinion leaders in the fashion industry, and to encourage regular involvement in our initiatives.


·12:30 – Welcome Cocktail – Presentation of the 77Fashion Blogger Project

·13.00 – Round Table discussion – Presentation of the 77Fashion Blogger Project      Fashion Bloggers & Social Networks: experiences, points of view and predictions

·14:00 – Light lunch

·14:45 – Photoshoot Blogger Look Book
All of our guests will have the opportunity to have a make-over by a well-known make-up artist and to try on all of the clothes and accessories supplied by the fashion brands that take part in the event.  Our own photographer will be available to take photos throughout the day. The photos will then be distributed to all guests and can be used freely in all posts and publications.
I hope that you will be interested in joining us.  Please contact me for further details about the program and to confirm your attendance.

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