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Про меня и мои блоги

Друзья, делюсь радостью: про меня написали в блоге компании, где я тружусь днем (потому что ночью и мараю бумашу и мучаю компьютер). Довольнаааааа!!!

Политика компании такова, что блог доступен для просмотра только собственным сотрудникам, но мне разрешили поделиться скриншотами - и я делюсь! За мной не заржавеет...

И текст на англицком языке:

Many of the people who work at 77 have a hidden talent or hobby – from rock stars to sports stars – we have them all.


The other day I discovered yet another person with a hidden talent, and I persuaded her tell me more…here’s what Anna Chertkova of 77Milan had to say:


- I've heard that you write in your spare time, can you tell me a bit about what you do?

- I took to writing almost 2 years ago because my mum and friends started to notice that I was beginning to make stupid mistakes in spoken Russian. It was very sad to hear them say that, that’s why I decided I needed more practice in my native language apart from reading books and sending texts in Russian and so I started a blog.

- And today?

Now I have two blogs of my own. One of my blogs is about Italy (what else can I write about?! And yes, Russians are VERY keen on Italy) (below right – Jo) the other one is a culinary blog (mainly, again, Italian cuisine): (below left) Kuhnyaterapiya literally means “kitchen therapy”, a name invented by my Russian friend who noticed that I really relax in kitchen. And yes, I know, my husband is just so lucky in this respect!

Currently I also write for the biggest Russian language portal about Italy , for a site about my fellow countrymen living in different countries (I run the Food column there, ), and for the online portals of the Pravda newspaper (the voice of the first communist country in the world back from my childhood, lol). Recently a Russian language newspaper published by Russian immigrants in Greece also ran 3 of my articles about Italy.

- So you started your first blog to keep up the use of your Russian, but why the cooking blog?

I started the cuisine blog when I learnt to cook )))) And I learnt to cook only 3 years ago, after I came to Italy, as a bet with my husband. Needless to say, I won the bet ))) And I’m still learning!

- How did you go from writing for your own blogs to being published on other sites?

Actually, the Russian newspaper found my blog and contacted me to see if I was interested in writing something for them. So did the girl who founded Go-Ru. Blogging, I bumped into a girl who was following my blog and wrote for Pravda and I thought “I’m gonna try and ask her to give me the contact details for the editor” which she gave me immediately, I met the editors during my last trip to Moscow and here I am, published online every Tuesday at

- What do you enjoy about writing?

It’s an opportunity to let people know how real life is in a country that is different from yours. Having holidays abroad and living abroad are two totally different things and I thought I could share my experience here along with some useful tips and funny things about Italy and Italians.

- Is there anything you dislike?

Argh! Deadlines! I have to turn around a huge number of posts monthly so I’m really on a tight schedule writing almost every evening, sometimes late at night. But it’s fun and I adore writing! Another challenge is to find topics to write about but here my friends – both Italian and foreign – turn out to be a non-exhaustive source of inspiration. And probably the most difficult thing is to adjust one’s style to readers: some like the text to be simple, some expect you to come up with Tolstoy-like complex phrases a whole passage long. Talk about marketing to me!

- What has feedback from readers been like?

Very positive and supportive overall, although once a girl criticized me because I used much too complicated language, in her opinion. There was also a guy who was posting obscene pictures as comments to my posts. Luckily, there a “ban user” button! And yes, the other thing that happened only last week is that one of my posts got copied by another user without mentioning my name or source. I’m still waiting to hear from LiveJournal abuse team on that…

- What is your favourite post/article that you've written  & why?

Ay! I really don’t know! For my kitchen blog I choose recipes that I like and cook things that I’d like to eat myself (which I then actually do) – so they are all my favourites! And I also take photos while I cook to make step-by-step recipes that are so much easier!

I like writing about the tricky Italian language in my other blog. A post about Italian swear words had quite a number of comments from grateful readers ))) and even more - another one about Italian set expressions. Yeah, I know this stuff might seem boring to most people but I’m thrilled with language riddles, I’m a linguist, after all!

Obviously, not speaking Russian, I can’t read Anna’s posts, so I asked for some feedback from those who can:

“She writes very interesting stories about living in Italy and cooking, I remember a yummy post about Italian pasta and always get hungry after reading her cooking posts Smile  I also loved the story about an Italian wedding.” Inga M


“Anna's articles are mainly dedicated to Italian lifestyle and cuisine. The writing style is always very lively and interesting, so no wonder she's already got a lot of visits & comments. From a designer's point of view, I appreciate the appetizing shots she makes for her culinary blog!” Olga


Well done, Anna, it’s great to see how many of us work on cool projects and hobbies in our spare time. Smile

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